5 Most Asked Questions About Vegans – Episode 1

5 Most Asked Questions About Vegans – Episode 1

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This is our first episode of ourĀ  vegan podcast. We will have guests, experts and advice to help vegans everywhere. Todays show answers the most asked vegan questions.

Where do vegans get protein?
What about B-12?
Why do humans have canine teeth?
How expensive is it to be vegan?
Why did you go vegan?

If you have been vegan for very long I am sure you have been asked one or more of these questions. And it doesn't matter how long you are vegan you will continue to be asked these questions. So it's best to know the answers.

For new vegans things can be intimidating. Especially when you have friends or relatives asking you questions that you aren't sure you know the answers to. And for people considering the vegan lifestyle these questions can be legitimate. We hope to answer all of them on our very first vegan podcast!

Links and resources mention in this podcast:
Eat Vegan on $4 a day
Vegan on the Cheap
The China Study
Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

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