Carrot Dogs. These Vegan Hotdogs Will Blow Your Mind.

Carrot Dogs. These Vegan Hotdogs Will Blow Your Mind.

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Why do I care about making delicious vegan hotdogs? In this case carrot dogs. About 12 years ago I heard a doctor on the radio doing an interview about his list of foods you should never eat. Keep in mind that at that time I was a veracious meat eater and felt good about it. I had started thinking about my health though and this interview really caught my attention. Even though I did listen to it intently I can tell you that I was a long way from being ready to eat vegan hotdogs. But I was hungry for knowledge. So I kept listening.

I found the most amazing idea for vegan hotdogs ever

When I arrived at work that morning the doctor on the radio still wasn't finished with his list yet. The announcer said they would do some commercials and come back with the number one food you should never eat. So I sat in the parking lot, late for work, just to find out what this food was. It must be something crazy I thought. If it made the number one position on a list of foods to never eat it must be so bizarre I would never eat it anyway. Boy was I ever wrong. But it lead me on a path to these vegan hotdogs.

The commercials ended and the doctor revealed his number one food you should never eat. It was hotdogs.


I was stunned. Since I was late I didn't listen to his list of reasons why. I just assumed he was insane. So I went in to work that morning never knowing why hotdogs were so bad. Of course all these years later I know the answer well. The list of ingredients in the average hotdog are not fit for human consumption. I'm not even joking. Unless you are cooking the vegan hotdogs in this recipe, I recommend you avoid hotdogs like the flu! While different brands will vary slightly, they all basically have these ingredients.

Sodium Nitrate
Meat By Products (hearts, livers, kidneys and other organs)

I'll let you google those ingredients if you want to know more, but trust me, you do not want to eat hotdogs. That brings me to today's recipe. Hotdogs made from carrots. Before you run away screaming just give me a chance to give you a mini review. Are you ready for it?

They Are Awesome!

I really shouldn't have to say anything else. But I can tell you that these vegan hotdogs made from carrots are so good it will blow you mind. Make them yourself and see! Get the recipe on the next page.

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