Two Vegan Carrot Cake Recipes

Two Vegan Carrot Cake Recipes

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It is natural for vegans to love carrot cake right? I mean, it has carrot in the name! The truth is that most carrot cakes are not vegan and even if you do find a vegan version it is really high in fat! Some of us don't mind the fat so much when enjoying a yummy vegan dessert. Others of us like the dessert but we would like to keep the fat low!

Keeping that in mind I decided to give both options in one article. You will find a very delicious vegan carrot cake recipe that is sinfully full of flavor! And I also have a fat free vegan recipe for cheesecake for you. So you can decide, which do you prefer? It's just my opinion but I'd make both of them! Get them on the next page.

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