Vegan Arugula Hummus

Vegan Arugula Hummus

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Can’t get enough of hummus? Want to try something special? This Vegan Arugula Hummus has a nutty, rich, smooth and creamy surprise. This easy vegan recipe is also quick and easy to prepare. It adds color, nutrition, and flavor to sandwiches and pitas. This blows hummus you buy in the store away.

Hummus is a great appetizer or snack. It is a delicious healthy alternative to dips or spread served with variety of meals and snacks. No wonder many people crave them. Primarily hummus is made from mashed chickpeas and few other ingredients. But this magical vegan dip put a real twist on the traditional version.

vegan arugula hummus plant based healthy dietZest and twist things up for your favorite dip. This extremely delicious plant based hummus relies on cannellini beans, olive oil, baby arugula, garlic cloves, and roasted unsalted almonds. It’s inexpensive and packed with fiber, protein, and essential nutrients to keep your healthy vegetarian diet on track.

Say goodbye to boring store bought hummus! You can get this luscious Vegan Arugula Hummus Recipe on the next page below.

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