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10 Minute Vegan Pecan Tarts

What if I told you that you could make these incredible vegan pecan tarts in only 10 minutes? Not only can you make them quickly they will taste amazing and wow everyone who eats them. Vegan pecan tarts aren’t just for the holidays!

My favorite pie for Thanksgiving and the Holidays in pecan pie. Let’s be honest, I love all pies at Thanksgiving but pecan really is my favorite. These cute and delicious pecan tarts are the perfect alternative to pecan pie. Not only are they adorable and the perfect snack size, they are really easy to make. You only need five ingredients and about 10 minutes to put this recipe together.

10 min pecan tarts 1

With a rich sweet taste that comes naturally from dates these pecan desserts are about as healthy as a dessert can be. Learn how to make these vegan pecan tarts in only 10 minutes on the next page below!

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