10 Reasons Plant Protein Is Better Than Animal Protein

Where do you get your protein? This cliche’ question is as old as veganism in America. With the meat and dairy industry and all of their lobby money, the perception that animal protein is best is something nearly everyone believes.

The most unfortunate part of all of this is that plant protein is far superior. Not only in the quality and effectiveness of protein for the human body, but also in not being a contributor to the host of disease animal protein is related with. By any reasonable measure, plant protein is best.

This is a list of things you should know as a vegan when you get confronted by an omnivore that just doesn’t know any better. And if you are just honestly curious about plant protein vs animal protein, you will learn a lot about the differences here today.

When we use the phrase “plant protein” we are referring to the protein naturally found in whole plant foods–legumes, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts, & seeds. We are not talking about vegan isolated protein powders and products.

1. Plant protein is the only truly lean protein.

Depending on what kinds of animal protein you are eating you could be getting as much as 25% of your calories from fat. Even so called “lean chicken” gets 20% of it’s calories from fat. If you really want a lean source of high quality protein, plants are the way to go. Most whole plant foods get less than 5% of their calories from fat.

2. Plant protein lowers your risk of obesity and unwanted weight gain.

A European study of 1800 adolescence determined that diets comprised of plant protein rather than animal protein resulted in a lower instance of obesity. One study even concluded that eating meat was the number one reason for food related weight gain.

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