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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Meat Right Now

In our evolutionary history, eating meat was not an integral part of our meals. It has always either been a necessity because of lack of fruits and vegetables or a luxury for the very rich.

For our ancestors, killing for meat was not a one-day affair but would take weeks or months for the hunt to commence. However, with the current technology, eating meat has been akin to breathing air. For most countries, freshly slaughtered animal flesh is easily accessible  while those stored or packaged meat are available in supermarkets. This kind of food preservation might be advanced but there is something that you should know about these kind of food: it is not only meat that is in it but other ingredients that will make you stop eating meat.

From the ethical issues of killing animals for food to the very real and serious health effects, there are some very compelling reasons to stop eating meat now! Share this article with everyone you care about who is still eating meat. And make sure you read it yourself. You will be surprised at some of the things on this list.

10. CARBON MONOXIDE is an odorless, tasteless and colorless gas that can kill any human being. This is usually found in the exhaust pipes but when it is also present in the packing of ground beef and fishes such as tilapia and tuna.

Carbon monoxide is placed into the plastic wrap so that the oxygen present will be sucked out. This is done to make sure that the meat will retain its relative freshness. What bothers most consumer groups is that there are meat samples that have organisms in them before the packaging. This is problematic to the buyers who can only see that the meat is still red and unassuming about this fact which is called mask meat spoilage.

The next on the list might be something that you are unaware of but is in fact a common practice.

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