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10 Reasons Why You Should Stop Eating Meat Right Now

9. Although salt is primarily used as a seasoning, there is a problem when it is plumped into the animal meat, specifically chicken meat. Another term for plumping is SALTWATER INJECTION. This poses a potential health risk because plumping adds greater sodium amount than what is recommended. If chicken meat has been plumped, the sodium count would be around 500 mg per serving in contrast to a chicken that has not been plumped which is 70 mg. A high sodium intake can be correlated to a greater chance of developing heart-related diseases.

It goes without saying the effect it has on the chicken. Be kind.

8. Wherever we are, there is always a chance that a virus, bacteria or other microorganisms are present. At low numbers, they do not pose any risk. Despite the precautions that are given and done, sometimes these aren’t enough.

For instance, in the food industry, there is a strict code of cleanliness and handling to make sure that the food is edible and will not cause problems . However, there are people who violate this. For instance, the handling of exotic or exported meat has been reported to contain retroviruses and herpes viruses. Although there is no exact cause for this, it can be attributed to mishandling while these meat was exported. Aside from that, there are also problems with sanitation for all meats, and in particular those from factory farms.

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  1. What about all the chemicals they spray on fruits and vegetables that’s goes into the ground water or the pour migrant workers who spend long hot days picking your fruit and vegtables , they don’t make much money for the work they do .I would be more worried about the workers who are humans than animals ???

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