Vegan fast food options

11 Fast Food Vegan Options


Vegans are some of the most well informed and prepared people I have ever met. You have to be because you never know when you will find yourself in a place with no Vegan food options.

I almost always have nuts with me for a snack and many times I will have fruit. Better safe than sorry! But sometimes you will find yourself needing to grab some quick food on a trip or in other situations.

There are some fast food options that will work and here are some of my favorites. And special thanks to my friend Kim for giving me a couple of hers!

Cheesecake Factory

veg burger

This is one of the most magical places on earth for millions of people. I have friends that love the Cheesecake factory so much it’s almost a religion. Many times when we have a girls day this is where they insist that we go. So I know a little bit about the cheesecake factory! They have a few options on the menu but one is my favorite.

Their “Skinnylicous Veggie Burger” is made with brown rice and it’s pretty delicious! It also has black beans, mushrooms, couscous and other yummy vegan stuff! You can’t go wrong with this burger. But you might prefer their pasta dish that is also Vegan. The Penne Pasta is eggplant based with broccoli, artichoke, olives and pine nuts!

Jack In The Box


There are a few options on the Jack in the Box menu. It isn’t a place I would choose as my first choice but if you find yourself in a bind there are some things on the menu that are vegan. Their seasoned curly fries, potato wedges, black beans and breakfast blueberry muffin oatmeal are all vegan.

Chic Fil A


There are several things on the menu that are Vegan at Chic Fil A. I’ll list them below.

Side Salad Without Cheese
Salad Add Ons Include: Black Bean Relish, Broccoli Florets, Fresh Strawberry Slices, Grape Tomatoes, Mandarin Orange Segments, Apple Pieces, Grapes, Romaine and Iceburg Lettuce, Carrots
Dressings: Light Italian Dressing and Reduced Fat Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing

Fruit Cup

Waffle Fries

Hardees / Carls Jr.


Your options here will be very limited but there are some things you can get to keep you from starving! You can get the side salad without cheese and the low fat Italian dressing. Other than that you are limited to their texas toast and sour dough bread.



wendys salad

Wendy’s is actually one of the better “true” fast food restaurants for vegans. Their salads are huge and they offer some other nice options. I had the Garden Side Salad yesterday as a matter of fact! Just make sure…no cheese!

They have a few salad dressings that are vegan as well. Fat Free French, Italian Vinaigrette and Pom Vinaigrette. And last but not least is their baked potato. It’s not the most amazing baked potato you will ever eat but it is vegan, it’s warm and it will fill you up!


Burger King

burger king veggie

Burger King may be the worst place for Vegans but ironically is one of the best fast food places for vegetarians. They have a pretty decent Veggie Burger on the menu (we reviewed it here) but it’s not vegan.

If you get it without mayo and without cheese it’s almost vegan. But it uses a morning star patty which does contain some egg. So depending on what kind of Vegan you are you might be able to eat this. But for strict ethical vegans it’s off the menu. Other than that you are pretty much limited to fries and water for Vegan options.


dq logo

Dairy Queen

As you might expect you won’t find many vegan options at a place known for their ice cream. But there are a couple of things you could order if you had to. They have a decent side salad and a couple of vegan dressing options. You can choose fat free Italian or fat free red french. Other than that you will be choosing from french fries and water or coffee to drink.


McDonalds Fries - Not Vegan
McDonalds Fries – Not Vegan

McDonalds is also not a place you want to choose if you’re vegan unless you are really desperate. I won’t even eat their fries. At one time they used beef flavoring but later they changed. But are they vegan or not? THIS article says they still contain milk proteins.

You can take a chances with the fries or you can eat their apple slices, oatmeal without cream or drink water. Seriously, this is not a place to be if you are Vegan.


sofritas 1

Chipotle is by far the best fast food option for vegans. (read our article on them here) Not only did they add the Vegan Sofritas not too long ago, everything on their menu is vegan if you remove the meat, cheese and sour cream.

If you see something you like you can pretty easily request it in a way that it will be vegan. So whether it’s their absolutely intended for Vegans menu item, Sofritas, or if it’s easily modifying their existing menu, Chipotle is the best fast food place for Vegans.

And your bonus restaurant #11 is Taco Bell.

Nearly everything on their menu can be made vegan as well. Load up on the beans and veggies. Skip the meat, cheese and sour cream. Easy Peasy!

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