11 Vegan Cheeses You Must Try!

3. Vegan Parmesan. There is even a vegan alternative to Italian Parmesan cheese. Great for adding to a range of pasta recipes, your vegan pasta dishes can now be complimented by the same great taste offered by traditional Parmesan. Check it out here.

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There are so many recipes that a sprinkle of Parmesan will make taste even better. That’s why it’s always great to have this recipe on hand. You can make some delicious vegan cheese topping in no time. Check it out here.


vegan smoky cheddar cheese 300x165 - 11 Vegan Cheeses You Must Try!

4. Smoky Cheddar Vegan Cheese. For something a little more interesting to add to your vegan cheese library, try a smoky cheddar vegan cheese. With a great smoky flavor and a versatile texture that can be spread or sliced, you can use this to enhance a range of snacks. Learn to make it here.

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