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19 Super Bowl Recipes

The Super Bowl is here again and that means hoards of people showing up for football and food!

I will not be hosting a Superbowl watching party this year but I did last year and it was the most stressful day ever! When you are vegan you have a decision to make when you host a party like that. You can either prepare vegan food and flesh food so everyone is happy, or you can stay firm in your veganism and make vegan food for everyone. Obviously I chose the latter.

Hey, if you serve up food that is good people wont care if it’s vegan or not (well other vegans will, but the meat eaters won’t). So your only goal should be to make delicious food that makes everyone happy. This list of recipes will give you a ton of choices. I’ve got everything you can imagine covered. Pizza, Hot Dogs, BBQ brisket, Nachos, Quesadillas, Burgers, Tacos and more.

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  1. I have to click thru multiple pages every time and have not yet seen a full recipe… Even tho these look good… it’s too much of a hassle and it feels like I’m supporting a click thru scam… I’ll be looking elsewhere from now on…

  2. Do you not know that you cannot use Super Bowl in your ad here it is a registered mark you can say the big game

  3. The best breading recipe I ever got was vegan, it is great for breading anything!

    1 cup cornmeal
    2 cups flour
    Soy milk mixed until you have a pancake batter consistency.
    Add a little hot sauce
    Dip desired meaty substance or substitute into batter to coat
    Roll in Panko crumbs and fry in olive oil.
    Anything you cook will double in size!
    Just add a topping,
    For hot wings I add one part hot sauce, one part teriyaki sauce and one part BBQ sauce. Just add a little more of the one you want the breaded food to taste like, 🙂

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