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20 Best Vegan Youtube Channels

One of the things I love about this website is helping vegans. Several vegan youtube channels have helped me out along the way. I get a lot of messages from new vegans thanking me for an article or vegan recipe. And I even get some kudos from long time vegans as well. Being able to help someone with the vegan lifestyle is really satisfying.

Last week I had a private message from someone with a specific allergy and they really needed some help and guidance to find some vegan recipes they could make. I’m lucky to not have any restrictions on what I can eat but I do often feel for those with nut allergies. All of your vegan cheese products come from some kind of nut.

My point is that I like being an influence and helping when I can. But a lot of people influence me. There are some amazing vegans on YouTube who share their recipes, experiences and tips on being vegan. I have a YouTube channel and I don’t put a ton of time into it. But just from the few videos I make I realize how much of their lives these amazing vegans put into making their videos on YouTube.

If you have vegan youtube channels that you love please share them in the comments. I always enjoy following new people in this lifestyle. I am going to give you my top 20 favorite vegans on YouTube. I highly recommend you subscribe to them! Get the list on the next page.

One – The Vegan Zombie

vegan zombie

If you love creative and interesting vegan recipes then you must subscribe to this channel. The Zombie theme makes it interesting, but he really puts a lot of effort into his videos on how to make amazing  vegan dishes. This is a must watch channel. You can check out the Vegan Zombie Here.

We’re just getting started. The amazing vegan women below have phenomenal vegan youtube channels with tons of vegan recipes, inspiration and tips. Each has their own personality so you are sure to find someone you identify with for information and inspiration.

We go from the outrageous and creative Vegan Zombie to some vegan channels that are much more reserved and straight forward. I love all of the vegan Youtube channels on this page but Nutrition Facts is by far the best. No one does more to educate vegans about how to eat healthy. Make sure you follow all of these Youtubers!

Two – Tami Torossian

tami tammers

Tami is simply amazing. She shares everything from what she eats in a day, to recipes, to exercise tips, to general vegan advice. Love her. Check out Tami Torossian Here.

Three – Dara Dubinet


Dara has an amazing youtube channel. She is knowledgable, beautiful and really takes her time to explain the subject of her video. You will not only find some amazing vegan recipes here but some great tips as well. She is a raw vegan but her channel has something for everyone. You can check out Dara Dubinet Here.

Four – Nutrition Facts

nutrition facts

Dr. Michael Greger is a superstar. His annual speeches on what we have learned in the world of food and nutrition are legendary. Not only is his youtube channel great but so is his website. You can put in any search term and usually find the research you were looking for. Want to know about the health benefits of mushrooms? He knows! Sometimes I watch his videos for hours. So informative. Check out the Nutrition Fact Channel Here.

Vegan Youtube channels #5 through #20 are all listen on the next page. You can click through and see the rest of the list and get started following some great vegan YouTubers on the next page below.

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  1. Freelee the Banana is NOT ON HERE!?!?! plus the vegan couple! there amazing and ive gone vegan beacuse of them

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