21 Vegan Superbowl Snacks And Finger Foods

It’s time for the superbowl and that means football, friends and fun! When you’re vegan it can be a challenge no matter if you’re the one hosting the party or if you’re attending one.

The easiest way to make sure vegan food isn’t a problem is to just host the superbowl party yourself. You will be sure there is lots of delicious vegan snacks to eat but you will have to make them. It’s a lot of work preparing for a vegan superbowl party but it’s worth it for me.

Here are some great vegan recipes perfect for hosting a crowd of hungry friends and family. These are good any time of year but they are great vegan superbowl foods. The only question you will have to decide is how many you want to fix!

1. Crispy Tofu Nuggets And Dipping Sauce
Recipe Here

2. Seasoned Crispy Fries
Recipe Here

 3. Spicy Buffalo Bites
Recipe Here

4. Crispy Buffalo Sticks With Dipping Sauce
Recipe Here

5. Avocado Fries With Sriracha Sauce
Recipe Here

6. Jalapeño Poppers
Recipe Here

7. BBQ Broccoli Wings
Recipe Here

8. Maple Chipotle Potato Wedges
Recipe Here

9. Vegan Tex-Mex Potato Skins
Recipe Here

10. Nachos Supreme
Recipe Here

11. Vegan Spinach And Artichoke Dip
Recipe Here

12. Crispy Zucchini Chips
Recipe Here

13. Nacho Fries
Recipe Here

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