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3 Best Egg Subsitutes for Vegan Recipes

Whether you are baking vegan brownies or vegan muffins or some other vegan recipe. There are certain egg substitutes that work better than others. The same is true for everything from pancakes to salads.

No matter what vegan recipe you are making you need to have the right egg substitute. This is especially true when you are looking to convert your favorite cake recipe or brownie recipe over to a vegan cake recipe.

Making a recipe vegan is a simple concept but you have to understand what will work and won’t work. A perfect egg substitute for brownies will not be the best egg substitute for a salad. There are 3 egg substitutes you should learn that will be perfect for almost any vegan recipe.

There are many different kind of egg substitutes, including several commercial products sold in stores. I prefer to make my own so I know what is in them. Basically you want to use the replacement that will work best for your recipe type.


Tofu is good for recipes that call for a lot of eggs. You will want to use silken tofu for things like puddings and brownies. Use with a little water and blend in a blender until creamy smooth, no chunks. Medium or Hard tufu can be used in salads and to replace scrambled eggs. Here is a great vegan scrambled tofu recipe. Here is a good example of how to make tofu for salads.

2. Ground Flax Seed and Water

If you mix ground flax seed (the powder, not whole flax seeds) and water in a 3 parts water to 1 part flax seeds ratio you will get perfect ‘eggs’ for everything from brownies to pancakes, cakes and breads. Any recipe where the egg is meant mostly to bind ingredients together, then this is my favorite for those kinds of recipes. Just mix the water and flax seed powder together and let it sit a few minutes until it forms an egg like consistency. 1 tablespoon of flax seed powder and 3 tablespoons of water equals about 1 egg.

3. Pureed Banana

You can use pureed banana in any recipe where a slight banana flavor won’t disturb the taste. If you are making a chocolate flavored brownies it will work. And it’s great for breads and pancakes. In those recipes the slight banana flavor actually adds to the taste of the recipe so it’s perfect! 1/2 pureed banana equals about 1 egg.

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  1. I understand the moral objections the vegan community espouses, That is why I will spend a little more for certified “humane” eggs in a pinch and why I buy local as often as possible. I’d harvest my own meat also if I could find the time. Thanks but I’ll stick with the real thing.

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