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3 Ordinary Things You Didn’t Know Contained Cow Parts

Going vegan for most people is an ethical decision. I know there are a lot of ‘dietary vegans’ out there now who are really just people who eat a plant based diet. But they are calling themselves vegan. But for most of us being vegan is a decision to not harm any animals if we can avoid it. We realize it isn’t necessary and to do so is cruel. I made my path here like most people. First I was vegetarian and then I went vegan. It’s a path for most of us. But the path to completely eliminating animal products can seem impossible at times.

The 3 things on this list are things you would never think in a million years. If you are like me you will scream to yourself “WHY?!” There is no reason these things couldn’t be made without cow parts. And unfortunately they are very difficult to avoid. All of them surprised me but number 3 really blew my mind.


If I told you that your car has cow parts you may think I was talking about leather. No vegan would buy a car with leather seats, we are smarter than that. But there are things in most cars that contain cow parts that you would never even think of.

Car Tires Are Not Vegan

Many car companies use animal based stearic acid to produce their tires. This substance helps rubber hold it’s shape under normal wear and friction while driving. If you are wondering what tire companies are vegan it is difficult to tell. You would have to call every company and ask them. I do have a short list of tire companies that are vegan and they include Michelin, Kenda. They both use stearic acid derived from tree oil rather than from cows.


It doesn’t stop with the tires though. There is also an issue with Auto Glue. The very glue holding many of the parts of the interior of your car together contain animal products. This glue, made from beef protein, is used in everything from the car body to parts of the interior.

If you were surprised by that then you really won’t believe some of the other things that seem to contain animal products needlessly. It’s almost as if they going around searching for things they can kill animals for. It really is sad and so unnecessary.

Fireworks Are Not Vegan

If you are an American you have probably enjoyed fireworks on the 4th of July. And of course fireworks are a crowd favorite on New Years Eve. I bet you never even questioned if the fireworks you were watching at a show or the ones you enjoy at home were vegan or not. Sadly nearly all fireworks are NOT vegan.


One source states: “in fireworks, stearic acid is often used to coat metal powders such as aluminum and iron. This prevents oxidation, allowing compositions to be stored for a longer period of time.”

You should also note that larger explosives like bombs and dynamite use glycerin. Glycerin is derived from cow fat.

As bad as both of those things are you could still avoid them if you were very vigilant about it. But the last thing on our list is virtually impossible to avoid. You can be the most caring, compassionate, dedicated vegan ever and still not avoid this thing that uses animal part.

Highways and Roads Are Not Vegan

Earlier I mentioned the car you drive and how it probably contains cow parts. I know a lot of vegans who have moved to bicycles as a means of transportation. They are more in line with the vegan philosophy and better for the environment. What you may find surprising is that the very roads we drive on contain cow parts.


It seems that asphalt contains a binding agent from beef fat which is one reason it lasts so long. Every asphalt road we use everyday contains animal products and most of us never knew it!

I’ll add to that by saying that the antifreeze in your engine coolant also contains animal products as does many of the lubricants used in most cars. In addition to the whole fossil fuels issue, climate change and dependence on foreign oil, these are even more reasons to reduce how much we drive and avoid it if you can.

Now that we know all of these things are not vegan, the question is what can we do about it. It’s virtually impossible to avoid using them. In the very least it’s very difficult. The answer is to try and change the way they are made. Social media campaigns, petitions, and phone calls are a good start.

This guide from Peta will help you pick the best car possible to keep it vegan. But you can also contact the manufacturers, start a petition, and when you are car shopping let them know why you didn’t choose their car once you find out it’s not vegan.

As far as roadways are concerned you need to contact your representative, senator, and president. Also contact your state representative and senator. The links to contact your state officials can be found using google. For your government officials in DC you can find those here: House Of Representatives, Senator, President. Source: Ask The Meat Man Photo: rosmary

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