3 Preposterous Lies About Cows Milk

Some days I think to myself “If I see another milk commercial today I am going to scream!” Just trying to comprehend how much money the dairy industry has for their propaganda commercials is mind blowing. According to one source the dairy industry spends about $180 million every year spreading it’s misinformation about how much you need cows milk.

I am writing this article for two kinds of people. Those who still drink milk and are not aware of how bad it is for them and the horrors the cows face, and those who actually defend the dairy industry and it’s hype on health.

Courtesy hobvias sudoneighm

Courtesy hobvias sudoneighm

What can you do?

You can share this article. Hopefully the headline will make even the most die hard milk drinker curious. I know it can be hard to talk to friends and family about their health and the damage of things like cows milk. But if you can pique their interest with a headline or graphic they may accidentally find the truth on their own. And let’s hope they do! Their lives and health depend on it. And so do the cows.

If you clicked here because of the headline, don’t close your eyes and leave. Keep reading below and learn the three biggest lies of the dairy industry in our opinion. Let’s start with the most well known and widely spread claim of the dairy industry and examine it first.

You need milk for calcium and strong healthy bones

WRONG! You do not need cows milk to get calcium. In fact, the modest amount of calcium in milk isn’t even absorbed very well by the human body. Consider this study by Harvard University that not only suggest plant based calcium should be considered, but also points out the many health risks of drinking milk. Some of the disease caused by milk that are specifically mention in this study are increased risk of ovarian cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

How about your bones? Consider this article on WebMD that shows that calcium is actually leached FROM your bones when you drink milk resulting in a net loss of calcium. If strong bones is what you are wanting then NOT drinking cows milk should be your first step to getting the desired result.

If learning that all of these claims by the dairy industry are dubious at best is surprising to you, you’re not done. Click to the next page and we will crush another preposterous lie about milk.

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