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3 Reasons To NEVER Eat Nutella Ever Again

I remember the first time someone shared the delicious treat that is Nutella with me. I was dating someone and they were being super sweet to me. When they brought me breakfast in bed I was delighted to see pancakes! Instead of syrup they had lightly coated them with Nutella. That was the beginning of my obsession with this delicious concoction.

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After I went vegan I had to question everything I ate. This is quite a task as most people reading this probably know. With the complicated food labeling laws it can be hard to even know what you are eating half of the time. When you add vegan restrictions on top of all of that, it makes it even harder.

Nutella is something you should SERIOUSLY consider giving up completely. If you like the taste of it you should check out this Vegan Nutella recipe. It’s awesome! Otherwise, check out the reasons below why Nutella is not something you should eat:

3 Reasons To Never Eat Nutella

1. Vanillin

When you see this ingredient it looks pretty harmless right? Who doesn’t love vanilla. But it’s not vanilla. It is some chemical ingredient created using petroleum in a lab somewhere. And of that weren’t concerning enough, it also contains MSG. MSG is considered by many experts to be a poison that has serious effects on the human body.

2. Palm Oil

Palm Oil is derived from the fruit of the oil palm tree. This ingredient was nearly unheard of just 10 years ago and now it is 2nd only to soy bean oil in the United States. So why is it so bad? From a nutritional standpoint it’s been shown to elevate blood pressure. In some individuals to dangerous levels. And maybe the worst thing about Palm Oil is the deforestation that occurs to produce it. This has nearly wiped out the orangutan population of the world.

3. Soy Lecithin

If you take soy oil and process it you are left with a by product of sludge. Soy Lecithin is made from the sludge left over from soy oil processing. It is used to keep oil and water from separating in foods and to extend their shelf life way past what would normally be reasonable. It has been linked to many symptoms like decreased fertility, increased allergies and worse.

Most of this information was take from this article on Photo: Brian Cantoni

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  1. Not that I eat Nutella, but it appears that the ingredients, if the palm oil came from an operation uninvolved in deforestation which threatens orangutans, jive with a vegan sensibility.

    After all, the person who runs Vegan Addict explained a few weeks ago that being vegan isn’t about being healthy… so what’s wrong with synthetic ingredients (vanillin) or a by-product (like soy lecithin), as long as it doesn’t harm animals?

    Still trying to figure out the mixed messaging in this group…

  2. Well i heard that its made from Kraft Foods and they put gmo’s in all there foods and crap. They even hid ingredients or put different name on the product too hid there name. Its just disgusting what big name companys do.just for $$$$$$$$$

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