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3 Simple Vegan Halloween Treats

I was looking for some vegan Halloween candy ideas yesterday and I found a lot that looked amazing. But they were so complicated and would involve hours of preparation and cooking. I didn’t want that. I wanted some really simple and quick vegan Halloween recipes I could make.

I may be a bit of a nerd but Halloween officially kicks off the best time of year, the holiday season! You get to enjoy making vegan food and eating vegan food. Basically it’s a time to just eat more food than you should and not feel too guilty about it, right? Finding good vegan candy and treats is a must.


In my quest for some great vegan halloween candy and treat ideas I stumbled on to the three easiest recipes ever! They were all cute, easy to make and vegan. When I say they are easy to make I really mean it. You learn how to make all three of these vegan treats in just a few minutes. And better yet there is an easy video to follow along with. So are you ready to make some vegan Halloween magic?

Easy and delicious!

Happy Halloween!

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