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3 Tofu Recipes Beginners Should Try

Why am I writing this post on tofu recipes beginners should try? When I decided to give up animal products I had no idea what tofu was. I had heard people make jokes about it but that was the extent of my knowledge. Vegans and Vegetarians use tofu in a lot of creative recipes. It is a great source of vegan and vegetarian protein.

Tofu comes from soy milk. I was kind of shocked when I learned this. It also comes in several forms. You can get firm tofu, also called hard tofu. And then there is silken tofu, also known as soft tofu. Which you would use depends on the way you want to use it. The soft is for things like puddings and smoothies and the firm is for simulating things like meat. Of course there are a ton of variations in between.

It is pretty simple to cook tofu recipes and there are thousands of choices. You can make everything from stir fry to fried ‘meats.’  There exist everything from pudding recipes to chicken recipes that all use tofu. You may have heard people use terms like ‘tofu press’ and felt intimidated. I know I was. But it’s really easy to cook with tofu. And that’s what I made this list of my favorite tofu recipes beginners should try.

I have a great vegan pizza recipe, a stuffed pasta shells recipe and some amazing BBQ for you to try. They all use tofu. You can get them on the next page below.

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