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3 Vegan Alternatives To Meat For Protein

Individuals who have not tried being a vegan will most likely think having no meat, particularly red meat (e.g. pork, beef) will be the end of them. The truth is that plenty of foods you already love are packed with healthy, nutritious vegan protein.

You don’t have to go looking far to find more protein than you need. It’s everywhere in the plant kingdom. A well rounded plant based diet is more that adequate for your macros and micros. The fact of the matter is that there are other healthier and ethical sources of protein.

best vegan protein sources complete protein

As much as we love sharing great vegan recipes with our mostly vegan audience, we also like to help those that are making the transition have the information they need. This article will give you my favorite three vegan alternatives to meat most especially when it comes to protein sources. They are much healthier source of protein without all of the bad things associated with meat.

After reading this, it would be best that you share it with others as well so that they will be informed that meat of all colors and from different animals are not the only sources of protein. In fact, these alternatives offer more than just protein. Rather, they also have other vitamins and minerals that are important and good for our health because they can help boost our immune system, allow the proper flow of the circulatory system and many more health benefits.

As you can see from the infographic above there are many plant-based sources of protein for vegans. You are free to choose your own. I always say a happy vegan is someone that is eating foods they love. But I have my favorites and good reasons behind them. Below are my three favorite vegan protein sources for their quality, flavor, and flexibility.

Soy is a common substitute for meat.  Among the members of the legume family, perhaps soy bean is the power plant because it has several nutrients that are vital for humans. For instance, according to Janet Brill, PhD. RD., soy beans are complete in protein with all the necessary amino acids and this rivals with steak. The difference is that, with steak, there are other caveats that result in medical diseases and symptoms such as an increased amount of cholesterol as well the possibility of developing heart-related illnesses.


Aside from the protein and amino acids that are present, soybeans also have vitamins and minerals as well as fiber and other chemical compounds that contribute to the strengthening of the immune system.

Soy has been made, molded and fashioned into all kind of edible forms. You can just buy soy and season it however you like and it’s great with a lot of dishes. Or just enjoy some edamame. I like it raw in my salad. And of course there are many commercial vegan ‘meat products’ out there based on soy. Most of them are actually pretty delicious.

Aside from soybeans, other legumes are also good and healthier alternatives to meat because they are also rich in protein. Beans, Peas and lentils all fall into this category. On the next page, a vegan protein source that can be used to make vegan cheese as well as vegan desserts. Find out about this vegan protein superfood by clicking the next page arrow below.

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