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30 Second Brownie Cupcakes

Have you ever had a craving for a brownie or something else sweet but knew it would take 2 hours to prepare it and bake it? If you think about it that’s probably a good thing. It makes you think about it for a while and pass on the whole idea more often than not. And this keeps the waist line in check.

Vegan Brownie Cupcake In A Mug

Bad news. This Brownie cupcake can be made in 20 minutes! You read that right. If you have all of the ingredients handy you can be eating a nice, warm, sweet gooey brownie cupcake in about 30 seconds. And the best part of this vegan brownie recipe. It’s gluten free. Sweetened with maple syrup with a satisfying chocolate kick, this treat can be made in a mug or a cupcake liner. It will take you longer to read the recipe that it will take you to actually make it! Get it on the next page.

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