30 Vegan Halloween Recipes You Will Love

As Halloween gets closer many vegans are realizing they don’t have their vegan Halloween candy and treats yet. Even worse is throwing a Halloween party and not having a lot of great vegan Halloween recipes to impress all of the guest! Problem solved.

Last year I decided to throw a Halloween party at my house. It was the first time I had tried it in many years. It was actually my first Halloween party since I went vegan over three years ago. I didn’t realize how much more planning I would need to do in advance to make my vegan Halloween part a success.

vegan halloween recipes

The easy part of course are the costumes. There really aren’t any differences in regular Halloween costumes and vegan costumes when you think about it. Perhaps any of the “blood sucking monsters” would be out because they cause harm. I alway preferred fun or sexy costumes anyway. So my Halloween costume plans were easy. But the food…ugh!

I don’t know anyone that likes candy corn so learning how to make vegan candy corn didn’t even enter my mind. But I did want some vegan appetizers, vegan cupcakes, and other kinds of vegan candy and snacks. When i throw a party I want it to be really impressive. Luckily I found a great resource for vegan Halloween recipes and ideas.

Fork and Beans provided these great photos to demonstrate their huge collection of easy Halloween recipes. Pretty much no matter what kind of recipe you are looking for you will find something that will be perfect. I was blown away by them and some turned out to be my favorites.


I highly recommend the witchy guacamole dip (can be used all year really), the dark chocolate coconut ghosts, the monster trail mix, and the pumpkin cheeseball. There are many other great recipe ideas though. In fact the list is now 45 Halloween recipes instead of the original 30. I look forward to trying the new ones myself.

You can check out all of these great vegan recipes for Halloween by Fork and Bean. It’s a great resource of vegan Halloween ideas and you will find something perfect for your event or party I’m sure. Get all of these great vegan Halloween recipes by clicking here.

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