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39 Vegan Candies For Valentines Day

I was originally going to do an article on the valentines candies that are not vegan. But I soon discovered that list was so long it would be easier to to make a list of vegan valentines candy. So I came up with a decent list of 39 vegan candy for Valentines Day.

I’m a simple person. I like to get flowers delivered to me for Valentines Day as much as the next girl. But if you really want to win my heart you better make sure there are some chocolates in there too. Flowers are pretty and they smell amazing. And everyone see’s them and you feel special displaying them. But chocolate is something I can eat! And I love to eat. Out of all of the possible valentines day gifts you can give me I would have to say candy is definitely my favorite. Romantic Valentines Day gifts like flowers and chocolate are not the most important thing though. Remember that spending time with that special person in your life is the greatest gift of them all.

Get this awesome list of Vegan Candies on the next page.

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  1. I want that lipstick too.And why is all the vegan chocolate 10 times more expensive they save dairy costs.grrrr!

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