4 Vegan Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Happy Cinco De Mayo! If you are planning on celebrating with family, friends, food, and drinks you will need some cino de mayo recipes. We have four of them here that will help your celebration be amazing.

Most vegans like Mexican food. Actually it would be more accurate to say vegans are obsessed with Mexican food. It’s so delicious and so easy to make into vegan recipes. A lot of it already is vegan.

Vegan Cinco De Mayo Recipes

Vegan Mexican Pizza

How beautiful does this Mexican pizza look! Put this on the table and your entire Cinco De Mayo party will stop while everyone grabs a slice guaranteed. Don’t worry though, everyone will start partying again once they have eaten their slice of yummy vegan Mexican pizza. Get it here.


Vegan Mexican Pinwheels

How incredible does this recipe look. These are perfect as appetizers for your vegan Cindo De Mayo party. They will disappear as fast as you put them out! Get them here.


Vegan Mango Margarita

I don’t know if your Cindo De Mayo party will be the best on the block or not, but your margarita definitely will be. I LOVE the mango lime flavor in this amazing margarita recipe. Get it here.


Vegan Nachos

We just posted this recipe a few days ago and it blew up the internet. What’s a Cinco De Mayo party with a mountain of delicious vegan nachos? It’s nothing. These nachos are incredible. Get them here.

Do you have a favorite vegan Mexican recipe we should have added? Share what you are eating and drinking to celebrate Cinco De Mayo this year in the comments. We want to know!

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