48 Vegan Chinese Recipes

Why did I make a list of 48 vegan Chinese recipes? I realize that lately I have been on a chinese food binge. It’s just so delicious! And Chinese food is nearly vegan food anyway so you can usually get the genuine authentic taste and flavors without altering the original recipe too much. The great thing about Chinese food is that most of it is so easily made vegan.

You’ll find many traditional vegan Chinese favorites like vegetable spring rolls, sweet and sour tofu, zucchini noodle lo mein, sriracha fried rice, quinoa fried rice and more!

If you’re like me and you prefer rice recipes then you will be happy. I have included a ton of those. Vegan Rice recipes are the easiest to make. They are usually super simple and delicious of course. And for you Chinese noodle lovers I have included a bunch of those too. From simple vegan recipes you can make quickly to extravagant vegan dinner recipes.

48 vegan chinese recipes

I haven’t tried all 50 of these vegan recipes yet so I can’t rate all of them. But the ones I have tried have been amazing and I look forward to making every single one of them! Get the info for all 48 Vegan Chinese Recipes on the next page.

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