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5 New Years Resolutions For Every Vegan

I’m not usually a fan of New Years Resolutions. But I think these are easy and will make me happier and healthier in 2015.

I hope no one spontaneously starts screaming, cursing and throwing things when they read what I am about to write. And just in case, I will apologize in advance. I used to be a smoker. Yes. I intentionally lit the end of an object on fire, stuck the other end in my mouth and inhaled the toxic smoke. It’s the stupidest thing I have ever done in my entire life. And quitting that horrible habit was hard. Interestingly enough, going vegan is how I was able to quit. While this story doesn’t have much to do with resolutions I will share because it might help someone.

I smoked for many years. The last 2 years I was a smoker I really wanted to quit. I took Chantix and antidepressants. I tried meditation, hypnosis and prayer. I bought something called horsetail extract and drank it. I used rubber bands, nicotine gum, regular gum, candy and many other things I can’t even remember. Looking back I can see that I did want to quit, but I wasn’t sold out to it. Then the day came when I decided to go raw vegan.

I started out my first day with a normal breakfast. But when lunch came around I started eating raw fruits and vegetables. Withing just a couple of hours I felt amazing. Since this dietary change was so drastic I spent a lot of time thinking about it, planning what I would eat next and feeling generally excited about it. About an hour before bed time I realized I hadn’t smoked since breakfast. I had forgot to smoke. When I woke up the next morning I didn’t think about a cigarette until after I ate lunch. When I realized so much time had passed I decided I could just quit. So I did. And I haven’t had one withdrawal symptom since. Not one. Going Vegan probably saved my life.

For many of the years I was a smoker I would make New Years resolutions. They never worked. In fact they are usually a complete waste of time. Of course I only have my experience with stop smoking resolutions to go by so I may not be the best judge. But I have come up with some vegan resolutions for the new year and I think I will keep them. They are great ideas, easy to do and the benefits could be amazing! Would you like to do them with me?

I’m going to list them for you on the next page and you can decide. I think once you see how simple they are and how beneficial they are you will jump on board with me. So click through, check out my Vegan New Years Resolutions and then comment if you plan on trying them with me. There is strength in numbers!

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