5 Non-Vegan Foods Nearly Every Vegan Eats

If you are a whole food only vegan then your life is simple. Grab a potato and eat it. Sink your teeth into your favorite fruits and vegetables, no problem. You don’t have to read labels and try to figure out if something is vegan or not. All other vegans have it a little bit harder with vegan food.

Is this vegan or not? That can be a tricky question when you are eating processed food. A lot of things are certified vegan and have the vegan seal on the package and that helps out a lot. It’s quick and easy to look for on the package and makes shopping for vegan food so much easier.

There are a lot of foods that seem vegan that aren’t so easy and many vegans are eating them without knowing. The list is actually pretty long but we are only going to cover the most common ones. These are five foods many vegans think are vegan but they aren’t. As you will see, they are pretty tricky.


Sugar Isn’t Vegan

Sugar is number on on this list. I am finding that most vegans know this now but I run across several every single day that don’t. I get these questions in my private messages all of the time. Why isn’t this vegan? I don’t see any animal ingredients in it. When I get those questions the answer is almost always sugar. Sugar is purified with animal bone char and that’s why it’s so pretty and white. If you want vegan sugar just make sure to buy only organic sugar. You can also try beet sugar, coconut sugar, and date sugar. The last two of those are my favorites.


Why Isn’t Orange Juice Vegan?

I remember the day I found out my orange juice might not be vegan. I was shocked. How can orange juice not be vegan. It is hard to wrap your head around. The good news is that most orange juice is vegan. But there are a lot of popular brands out there that are not. If your orange juice is fortified with omega 3’s, those are sourced from fish. No thank you. I don’t want any part of a fish in my orange juice.


Soy Cheese May Not Be Vegan

Wait a second. Isn’t the whole point of making a soy cheese to offer an alternative to animal products? Why in the world would you make a dairy alternative and it not be vegan? A lot of soy based cheese companies add casein to their cheese. Casein is an animal protein taken from milk. You know what, if I wanted cheese made from milk I would just buy regular cheese. Check those labels!

If you think those three are shocking then you will want to click to the next page below and see the last two. I have saved the best until last. My mind was blown when I saw these and found out they were not vegan. Especially knowing how many vegans eat them! Get the final two non-vegan foods that every vegan eats on the next page below.

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