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5 Reasons Unlever Dropped It’s Lawsuit vs Just Mayo

Why did Unilever drop it’s lawsuit against Hampton Creek and “Just Mayo?”

Unilever is the parent company of the Hellmanns mayonnaise brand. Several weeks ago we reported that Unilever was suing Hampton Creek over their “Just Mayo” product. The reason they gave in their lawsuit was that the ingredients in “Just Mayo” did not meet the definition of mayonnaise. Of course the real reason was because this vegan start up company was getting too much of their share in the market and they wanted to bully them.

It was announced today that Unilever is dropping the lawsuit against Hampton Creek. Many people had predicted this would happen, including everyone here at Very Vegan Recipes. Why did they drop the lawsuit? The reasons being cited by the company in press releases written by their lawyers are very sanitized. You can be sure those are more about public perception than the truth. We have what we believe to be the real reasons they dropped the lawsuit and some of them may be shocking. Especially #3. Get our ‘real reasons’ they dropped the lawsuit on the next page.

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  1. I was blown away when I discovered Just Mayo. I wasn’t a vegan and thought Miracle Whip was the best tasting mayo ever until I tried Just Mayo. The fact that it was also good for you was a bonus. I switched brands instantly. Now that I’ve developed heart, liver, and diabetes problems, and have to be on a strict veggie diet, I need it even more. I was wondering why WalMart stopped handling it. I will buy it online and have it shipped by the case if I have to.

    One thing is for sure; I will never knowingly buy another Unilever product again, especially inferior Hellman’s mayo, which I wouldn’t buy anyway, even if I was in good health.

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