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5 Reasons It Sucks To Be Vegan

If you have been vegan for more than 5 minutes you have probably ran into someone who hates you. That’s one of the reasons it sucks to be vegan. What is it about the vegan lifestyle that makes people lose their minds?

I was in Walmart buying a bicycle for my nephew a couple of weeks ago and I was wearing one of my vegan shirts. I swear to god this really large woman in a huge dress tapped me on the shoulder and asked “Are you one of them weird people that don’t eat no meat?”

vegan hater woman attacks vegan anti-vegan

I was kind of surprised someone would be so forward with a complete stranger so it made me nervous. I backed away a couple of steps and told her I was a vegan and no, I do not eat meat. I wish I had a picture of the look she gave me but I don’t. It looked something like that though.

She launched into a tirade about how vegans don’t respect anyone’s rights. She informed me that vegan food isn’t healthy. Then she started talking about how vegan activist break the law by freeing research animals. My mind was blown!

Have you ever had something like this happen to you? I was minding my own business and she was attacking me, telling me how I didn’t respect anyone. But somehow I was the problem because I was wearing a vegan shirt. It was pretty scary and I walked away. Below is the shirt I was wearing by the way. Not offensive at all.

vegan tshirt compassion eat them

This post isn’t meant to be nearly as intense as that encounter was. But it will point out some stupid reasons people like to hate vegans, followed by my response as to why they are wrong. If you have ever been startled by a stranger because you are vegan, attacked on Facebook because you are vegan, or had friends and family say hurtful things to you, then this post is for you!

1. Vegans can’t even enjoy simple things like burgers and fries.
Be honest. How many times have you heard something like this? It’s just wrong, wrong, wrong! I’m a burger connoisseur so I would know! Some of the best burgers I have ever eaten have been VEGAN! And no animals had to die. And you seriously want to bring fries into the picture?

I just want to scream “You do realize fries are POTATOES right!? Potatoes are vegan!” But I don’t. I try to be factual and polite. Below are some of my favorite vegan burger recipes to silence to vegan burger haters. You can check them out or scroll past them for stupid vegan comment #2!

Peanut and Sweet Potato Burger Recipe


Ultimate Vegan Burger, Fries and Shake

burger shake fries vegan

Vegan BBQ Lentil Burger

BBQ Lentil Veggie Burger

The Healthy Vegan Burger

healthy vegan burger

There just as many vegan ‘junk foods’ as there are for meat eaters. Vegans do tend to eat healthier though because our palets are not drenched with animal fats all day. So things taste better to most of us. Even things like kale!


2. Vegans only eat nuts and twigs. There’s no variety
Wrong! Even raw food vegans have a huge variety of vegan foods to choose from. Between fruit, vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds the food options are endless. No matter what you like you will enjoy a vegan diet.

And of course for vegans who don’t only eat whole foods, their options are truly mind blowing. Below are just a couple of my favorite vegan meals. All of them delicious. And none of them are twigs. Check them out, or scroll past the recipes to read stupid vegan comment #3!

5 Amazing Tofu Meals


Vegan Dessert Recipes

vegan dessert recipes

Some of you will agree with this. I actually like tofu way better than I ever liked meat. It’s much lighter and so much easier to season. It will taste like whatever I want it to taste like. So yummy! And don’t get me started on vegan desserts. They are far better than traditional dessert recipes. Usually lower in sugar. Many of them sweetened by nature. And almost always made with fresh vegan food ingredients.

3. Vegans aren’t healthy, they need more protein
Wrong! The CDC and WHO have both recommended daily protein intake that is MUCH smaller than most Americans get daily. In fact, most Americans get so much animal protein it is slowly killing their kidneys.

The truth is that all whole foods like fruits and vegetables have plenty of protein to cover the needs of the human body. And plant based protein is much healthier for your body. But if you want to cook something up that is really loaded with protein you can. And it will be vegan and delicious!

22 Meals With More Protein Than A Cheeseburger

22 Vegan Meals With More Protein Than A Cheeseburger

7 Vegan Meals With More Protein Than Steak

vegan meal more protein steak

Just look at all of those vegan foods with protein. The recipes are delicious, nutritious, and cruelty free. The vegan diet has all of the nutrients you could ever need. Including protein. So please stop telling us vegans otherwise!

4. Vegans are pitiful creatures lacking in vitamins and minerals. They are weak and pathetic.
Wrong! Vegan body builders and athletes are some of the best in the world! Allow me to introduce you to some of them. Some you may know already and other you don’t.

Each of them have strong healthy bodies. And they all got this way eating a vegan diet and exercise. You have to eat high quality foods if you want to be healthy. And there is nothing more healthy than vegan food. Period. I’d also add vegan recipes are delicious too. So there’s that.

Frank Medrano


How about Max, Simone, Richard and Arvid?


Ok, so I’ll admit that I’m vegan and I don’t have a body like any of those people. But they are not aberrations. All vegans are healthy. And many of them are in the fitness industry. Body Builders, strengths, aerobics and more. A vegan body is a happy healthy body.

5. Vegans always think they are right and they are better than everyone else
Wrong! Well, actually vegans are better than everyone else in a lot of ways. I mean, we don’t have to be arrogant about it. But the facts really do speak for themselves.

Let’s consider the water shortage in California right now. If everyone in California were vegan they wouldn’t be having a water shortage. It takes so much more water to raise meat than plants. It’s not even close. And don’t get me started on how much more vegan food you can produce on just one acre of land compared to how little meat you can raise on that same acre.


And then of course there is the entire issue of killing living beings needlessly. Vegans kill zero living beings.


The evidence is clear. Being vegan is better for your body, better for the planet, and definitely better for the animals. Never let anyone shame or attack you about being vegan. Know the facts and inform them. I know it’s hard but do it in a polite way. Our goal is to win them over after all. Not just win the argument.

If you know of other stupid arguments about being vegan, please leave them in the comments below!!! We’d love to hear them.

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