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5 Reasons Vegans Are Better Than You

Hey you. This post is meant to mostly be fun. So don’t get so serious and upset about the title!

I didn’t go vegan for ethical reasons. It was a great side effect though. I went vegan because I thought it would be an easy way to lose weight. After I started losing weight, feeling better and exercising more, I experienced other changes.

One of them was that I did become an ethical vegan. You can’t stay in this lifestyle for very long without the ethical treatment of animals affecting you. The more I studied the vegan lifestyle for my life, my diet and my website, the more I learned. In fact I now think that is is the very best thing that happened to me as a result of going vegan. And I think it’s the one thing every vegan agrees on. So I didn’t include that in my list of reasons vegans are better than you.

Vegans are better in every area of life. No kidding. People say that vegans are arrogant. I guess after they read my list of reasons that vegans are better than them, they will really hate me.

It’s all in good fun though. Even though every single fact on the next page is true, I’m still hoping to entertain and make someone think a little bit.. Number one is my absolute favorite reason I’m better as a vegan. Find out what it is on the next page.

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