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5 Reasons Vegans Are Better Than You

1. Better Sex Life

Eating meat with all of it’s fat, cholesterol and artery clogging properties reduces blood flow. Why do you think that 40% of all men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction? When you go vegan your arteries start clearing right away. Blood flow gets stronger. Better blood flow means better sexual function and sensation. Vegans generally have more energy as well which leads to better times in the bedroom. You can also add increased libido and better lubrication to the list. Learn more about these things here.


2. Vegans Smell Better

The longer I was vegan the more I noticed I didn’t need deodorant as much. Of course this varies from day to day, but overall I smell a lot better. This isn’t just in my head either. A study at Charles University in 2006 showed that armpit odor of meat eaters was worse than that of vegetarians. This involved real people smelling other peoples armpits. Boy am I glad I wasn’t in that study group! But having less body odor is definitely one reason vegans are better.

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  1. I think the titte is a bit aggresive and could be condesending, no one is better than anyone and I feel that for non-vegans the title alone wouldn’t inspire them to become vegan but put harsh negative stereotypes that vegans think they’re better than everyone. Just my opinion

  2. I call bs on reason 2. having worked at a “co-op” type place at one time i know vegans to be just a smelly as regular meat eaters

  3. If it’s a competition of who’s kinder and more thoughtful regarding life and respect for all living beings, then damn right I want to be and I am better.

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