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5 Reasons Vegans Are Better Than You

3. Better Skin

The increased phytonutrients and daily water consumption has an enormous positive effect on the skin. In fact there are several vegan foods you can eat specifically for less wrinkles and glowing skin. Find out what they are here. The higher intake of vitamin C in vegans leads to better collagen metabolism, skin elasticity and overall better looking skin. Check out this 79 year old vegan. Her skin is flawless!


4. Weight Loss

If you adopt a plant based whole food diet you will lose weight. (learn more here) I know there are a lot of vegans out there who are overweight and not losing. This is completely possible. There are just as many unhealthy vegan junk foods as there are in the standard diet. Many vegans rely on these fake meats, cheeses and other fattening vegan foods which is great for the animals but not for their waistlines. But the easiest way to weight loss has been proven to be a whole foods vegan diet. I have never been happier with my body than I am right now!

The last reason vegans are better and changing the entire world is on the next page below. It’s the best reason of all!

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  1. I think the titte is a bit aggresive and could be condesending, no one is better than anyone and I feel that for non-vegans the title alone wouldn’t inspire them to become vegan but put harsh negative stereotypes that vegans think they’re better than everyone. Just my opinion

  2. I call bs on reason 2. having worked at a “co-op” type place at one time i know vegans to be just a smelly as regular meat eaters

  3. If it’s a competition of who’s kinder and more thoughtful regarding life and respect for all living beings, then damn right I want to be and I am better.

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