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5 Reasons Vegans Are Better Than You

5. Saving the Planet

Vegans save animals. This is without question. But what many people don’t realize is the impact you have on the environment when you go vegan. Less deforestation, less water consumption, less wasted land for raising animals, less polluting factories, and the list goes on. When you go vegan you add a little more natural order to the world. You help make the world a healthier place for others as well as yourself. See, vegans really are better 🙂

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  1. I think the titte is a bit aggresive and could be condesending, no one is better than anyone and I feel that for non-vegans the title alone wouldn’t inspire them to become vegan but put harsh negative stereotypes that vegans think they’re better than everyone. Just my opinion

  2. I call bs on reason 2. having worked at a “co-op” type place at one time i know vegans to be just a smelly as regular meat eaters

  3. If it’s a competition of who’s kinder and more thoughtful regarding life and respect for all living beings, then damn right I want to be and I am better.

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