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5 Reasons Vegans Are The Best Dates

You know Vegans get a bad rap. Just today alone I have been called a tree hugging commie and a human hater. It’s very odd that by valuing all life people somehow get the impression you value animals over humans. What part of “All Life” is so hard to understand?

The truth is that vegans make the best dates, partners, husbands and wives! I mean they obviously are more caring than your average person just by default. They think about a group of living beings and feel for them and their pain. Wouldn’t this mean they are more sensitive, loving and caring? It seems logical right?

The great things is that you will actually benefit, learn and more from dating  a vegan. So for all of the meat eaters out there, vegetarians, foodies, or whatever else you may call yourself…here is why you shouldn’t be scared to date a vegan. In fact you should be excited about it! Find out 5 reasons Vegans are the best dates on the next page!

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