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5 Savory Vegan Raw Food Recipes

I have a younger cousin who would make a sour face every time I mention raw food. For many people, I know that they have this prejudice and revolted expression because the very idea of eating food that is not cooked is ghastly.

However, I try to turn their preconditioned minds and opinion about raw food by preparing savory vegan raw food. In so far, I have been successful because after getting an initial taste, my relatives who were not into raw food was finally able to appreciate these kinds of dishes.

Not all of those I know can appreciate raw food which is why I take a more subtle approach when preparing vegan raw food for my friends. I try out different dishes to prepare for them and I tell them afterwards that they were actually eating vegan raw food. There were those who were shocked that I have somehow deceived them but later on, they said that they ate something delicious so they don’t get that mad at all. I’ve put together a list of 5 of my favorite raw vegan recipes on the next page.

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