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5 Spicy Vegan Recipes

For vegan food lovers who like to take the flavor and heat up a notch, we present the 5 Spicy Vegan recipes. These recipes are not for the timid. If you really like boring food you should try some of our other easy vegan recipes. These spicy dishes are not for you.

Eating spicy food may not be accommodating to everyone’s palate but there are many who just love spicy meals. I have friends who dislike extremely spicy food, but can tolerate moderately spicy food. There was one time when I went to the founder’s day of a certain university and there was a cart that sold dips.  The dips were named one to five in terms of their spiciness. My brave heart thought I had eaten several spicy foods through my lifetime and I could take up the challenge of using the level five dip for my potatoes. I was very much wrong because I cried buckets at how spicy it was. I guess when it comes to spicy vegan recipes we all have our limits.

Despite going past my threshold of heat that day, that experience didn’t deter me from eating spicy food. I still adore a nice punch of heat in my meals. I think it brings them to life and really kicks up your metabolism too. In fast the science says you will burn more calories after eating a spicy meal that you will after one that is sweet or savory. That is good news for vegan’s looking to lose weight while enjoying satisfying meals.

Photo: Christian MANGE
Photo: Christian MANGE

These are five spicy vegan recipes that anyone can tolerate, mostly anyway. Since you are the one making it, you can control the spiciness so that the previous sentence will hold true. You don’t have to try and win any battles of glory by going to the max. Just spice them up just enough to make your taste buds happy. And remember, if you want you can always add more to your plate after the cooking is finished.

The first on the list is something that most will automatically think about when asking for a vegan spicy dip. Traditional Mexican dishes are often served with a little extra heat, especially if you are in a state like Texas and close to the border. If you are one of those people who loves to take it up a notch in the level of heat , you will love these 5 Spicy Vegan Recipes on the next page below.

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