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5 Spicy Vegan Recipes

Salsa is not the only spicy vegan sauce. There is also the old time favorite hot sauce. From its namesake, hot sauce is not necessarily hot when put it on your food, but rather, it makes your mouth feel hot the moment it comes in contact with it. Depending on the intensity of the hot sauce used, the hotness might even spread not only within the oral cavity, but also the throat.  The next recipe is something that you probably would have not considered unless your tastes are very electric.

This recipe from Spicy Treats is something that I like eating by myself. The recipe is called Broccoli in Hot Sauce. You read it right, broccoli in hot sauce. There’s something that I missed, specifically, it is broccoli in hot garlic sauce. I love having this as a Sunday brunch when I sleep in and want a wake-up call by having this spicy sauce into my mouth.

Broccoli In Hot Garlic Sauce
Broccoli In Hot Garlic Sauce

For the full details of the recipe, you can find it Spicy Treats.

I have heard from an online correspondent that in Japan, there is a wasabi flavored ice cream. To those who are not familiar what wasabi is, wasabi is a plant that also has inherent spicy flavor. However, unlike chili peppers wherein the spiciness comes from the oil, wasabi spiciness is not. The spiciness is only short-lived.

Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream

In a way, Japanese cuisine has proved that it is possible to have spicy ice cream. I have also passed by a gelato store that sold jalapeno infused gelato. Of course I haven’t tasted it myself which is why I find this Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream an interesting recipe to experiment on. This is a spicy ice cream that utilizes Sriracha sauce as one of its main ingredients.

The original recipe is from Vegan Yack Attack and for more information, you can click here. Those who tried this already had their mouths tingling and I hope that yours will too. Tingling from what? Perhaps, from its savory taste and spiciness. There are two more incredible spicy vegan recipes left and you can get them on the next page below.

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