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5 Spicy Vegan Recipes

Were down to the second to the last recipe for spicy vegan food. I feel that it is mandatory that I should also include a recipe that has jalapeno as one of its main ingredients since I have been talking about jalapeno in some of the recipes. Jalapeno is definitely one of the hottest peppers in the world but it is not really the hottest of all. Depending on the year of research, the hottest pepper varies from time to time but undeniably, jalapeno is one very spicy pepper.

So, which vegan dish will be infused with jalapeno? Well, the recipe from Strawberry Pepper put up a recipe called Jalapeno Cheddar Bagels, which despite the name, is very much 100% vegan. For those who want to know why would anyone want to add jalapeno to delicious vegan bagel? Well, simply because it’s fun and a good way to experiment on recipes. It also exercises creativity.

Jalapeño Cheddar Bagels
Jalapeño Cheddar Bagels

For the full recipe, be sure to visit the website Strawberry Pepper here.

If spicy bagels has thrown you off your seat, then this recipe will not only do that but also knock the daylights out of you. A word of caution, this recipe is mildly alcoholic because what I will introduce is an ingenious recipe from Spabettie which is Strawberry Pepper Margarita. Among the several variants of the chili peppers available in the world, the recipe uses habanero peppers.

Strawberry Habanero Margaritas

I love the texture of the margarita with strawberry and habanero peppers because it is smooth and it leaves a lightly spicy taste in your mouth. Through the years, I have learned that what is not spicy for me might be spicy for others. The difference is due to the tolerance that I have accumulated through the years.  If you want to have an intimate but slightly spicy, literally and figuratively, drinking session on a Friday night, I highly recommend that you prepare this recipe.

For the full ingredients and directions of Margarita recipe, check out Strawberry Pepper here.

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