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5 Things Every Vegan Should Know

Whether you have been vegan for five minutes or five years it’s always good to know as much about veganism as possible. That’s the reason for this article on 5 things every vegan should know. I think many of us forget along the way just how big of an impact being vegan has on our plant and our fellow beings. It’s also good to know that vegans are not weird and we don’t just eat twigs. The vegan diet is delicious and healthy. We live normal lives. And vegans are super heroes for the planet in their own right.


Being Vegan Is All About The Animals

Many people are moving to a plant based diet these days and I love to see it. Everyone who brings less pain and suffering to animals is good in my book. But there is a difference in veganism and eating a plant based diet. Being vegan is a decision strictly for the animals. It’s not about health, losing weight, or anything else. Find out more about What Is A Vegan Here.

Getting healthy and losing weight on a vegan diet are all great side benefits but they aren’t the primary goal of vegans. We live in a way to cause the least amount of suffering and death to our animal friends as possible. Vegans are not perfect. It has taken me three years to be really good at being vegan. I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I think it’s important to remember that for new vegans. I see too much vegan attacking happening online. Help people who are trying to go vegan. Support them. Don’t attack them. It’s not about you being right. It’s not about you being better. It’s about the animals.


Vegans Are Everywhere

When you first go vegan you can feel really lonely. This is especially true if you live in the Southern U.S. or a rural area. You don’t have to be alone. You can find some great communities on the internet for friends and support. You can also use the internet to find vegans in your area to form new friendships.

How many vegans are there in the United States? Estimates range from 8 million to 16 million. No matter which number is more accurate, there are a lot of us and the numbers are growing! Meetup is a great way to find vegans in your area to connect with in person. And to find people online and get support you can join vegan Facebook groups. We actually have a great Vegan Support group on Facebook and you are welcome to join us by clicking here.


Vegans Eat Amazing Foods

The notion that vegans only eat sticks and twigs is just crazy. Just like omnivores eat very differently depending on who they are, vegans do the same. There are whole food vegans who only eat things you would find in the produce section of the supermarket. These people are called vegan purists. But there are also junk food vegans who eat a very unhealthy diet that isn’t very different than the standard American diet. The only difference is the vegan version doesn’t harm animals.

You can eat any way you choose as a vegan. There are vegan ice creams, vegan meats, and vegan junk foods. If you want to live on burgers, fries, and pizza you can do that as a vegan. The selection of vegan meats, cheeses, pizzas and desserts is amazing.

You can even eat vegan at most fast food restaurants. Here is our vegan fast food guide.Many vegans won’t eat vegan options at a restaurant that isn’t 100% vegan. They don’t want any of their money to support a company that isn’t vegan. This is being dedicated to the cause and I think every vegan wants to be that way.

If you want to eat mostly vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, you can do that too. Your diet as a vegan is only limited by your imagination. There are so many ways to enjoy a vegan diet to choice is up to you. If you are a new vegan then experiment. Eat everything! You will find what you love and what you hate. Over time you will settle in on the perfect vegan diet for you.


Vegan and Cruelty Free Do Not Mean The Same Thing

Many people are confused about the difference between vegan cosmetics and cruelty free cosmetics. While it seems logical that these two things would be the same, they are not. This is a technicality of terminology but it is an important one. A company could sell cruelty free products that contained animal ingredients. How is that even possible?

Cruelty free means that a product, like makeup for example, has not been tested on animals. It doesn’t mean that the product doesn’t contain any animal products in the ingredients. If you want to buy a products that covers both of these criteria, it needs to be both vegan and cruelty free. You can get my favorite vegan cruelty free makeup brushes here. And here is a link to my favorite vegan cruelty free mascara. These are affiliate links and using them will support our site financially.


Vegan Eating Is Affordable

One of the biggest things I hear from people considering a vegan diet is that it’s too expensive. This simply isn’t true. In fact one of our most popular articles ever on this site is How To Eat Vegan For $25 A Week. That is an example that shows it is possible to eat vegan on a budget. How much your vegan diet costs you is really entirely up to you.

If you are going to be a whole food vegan who eats only organic fruits and vegetables then it will be very expensive for you. Most people do not choose that vegan diet though. Most people eat a variety of plant foods that includes rice, beans and potatoes as staples. These three foods are some of the cheapest on the planet. They are calories dense.

If you are new to veganism, think of beans and nuts as the things that replace meat. You will get your protein and healthy fats from those foods. Then you add in cheap foods like potatoes and rice for dense calories and top everything off with fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Thanks for checking out this article on vegan facts. If you found it helpful or informative I bet your friends would too. Please consider sharing. Thank you!

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