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5 Vegan Apple Recipes

An apple a day keeps the doctor away has been verified to be pretty accurate. So we need delicious vegan apple recipes. Most people love apples but they cook them in very unhealthy ways.

Apples were not part of my favorite fruits because as a child I just did not like them. It wasn’t because they were healthy or a vegan food. I just didn’t care for them. But most children do like apples and any other kind of sweet fruit. Sadly a lot of kids only see apples at Halloween when they are covered in caramel or something like that.

Apples should be part of a healthy daily vegan diet. I always have some on hand and I may not eat one every day but I eat them several days out of the week. Usually I just eat them raw but also as a part of healthy vegan recipes, including vegan dessert recipes. If you are going t have dessert it might as well have apple in it right?

All of that was the inspiration behind this post of amazing apple recipes. Most of them are easy vegan dessert recipes but if it helps you get more apples into you diet then that’s good right? And there are some pretty healthy muffins we found you must try as well. If you make incredible apple infused vegan recipes from time to time, and eat them raw pretty regularly I think your body will thank you for it.

Now that our mouths are watering just thinking about all the great vegan apple recipes, let’s take a look at them. My favorite is the muffins which we will get to later. But first I want you to look at this incredible apple crisp recipe.

Vegan Gluten Free Apple Crisp Recipe 

vegan gluten free apple crisp recipe healthy

This apple crisp is about as simple and basic as they come, and though it’s vegan and gluten free it’s just as delicious as any traditional version I’ve tried. Armed with non-dairy butter (Earth Balance, how I love thee), it’s totally dairy free. And thanks to almond meal, gluten free oats and a gluten free flour blend, it’s also void of the glutens. Good riddance, food allergies. Good riddance. Full Recipe Here

And we are just getting started! There are some great cake, pie and muffin recipes still to come. You can see them on the next page below. I highly recommend the muffins. So yummy! Maybe my favorite vegan muffin recipe.

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