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5 Vegan Breakfast in Bed Recipes

There are days when we want to sleep-in and wake up around midday. During these times, we want to eat our breakfast, in this case it is brunch, in our beds. One of my favorite breakfast in beds is Tofu Scramble with Spinach and Nutritional Yeast.

Why? Well, tofu was one of my first introductory food in my vegan life. This always has a special space in my life. So, if you are having sleepovers and prefer to stay in the confines of your shared bedroom, then this a perfect meal to serve.

Tofu Scramble (with Spinach and Nutritional Yeast)
Tofu Scramble (with Spinach and Nutritional Yeast)

One Green Planet has put together the recipe. You can get it here. This recipe is good for 4 persons.


The last on this list is for those who have sweet teeth like me. Before revealing the recipe, I would just like to share that this recipe will definitely satisfy the hungry stomach after a long night’s rest and at the same time, it is a guilty free sweet food. Without any further ado, Cacao Berry Bliss Bowl is the last recipe for a breakfast in bed meal.

Cacao Berry Bliss Bowl
Cacao Berry Bliss Bowl

For the past pages, I have been talking about sharing your breakfast in bed with someone but at this point, I will not because I love eating this alone. Just indulge me in my little selfishness. It is not difficult to make and after you whip it up, you can return to the comfortable bed with your bowl and spoon. The recipe was provided by Keepin’ it Kind and it can be found here.

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