5 Vegan Fast Food Meals You Never Knew Existed

Usually if you find yourself looking for vegan fast food you will be disappointed. But here are 5 fast food meals that will surprise you!

I hate fast food. How can something be good for you when it is so processed and prepared by people who are generally unhappy and underpaid? I don't think it can be. But sometimes you find yourself looking for vegan choices. This can happen accidentally when you are traveling or when you have a craving you can't control. Yes, I occasionally have fast food cravings, I admit it.

Looking for vegan fast food is like looking for ethics in congress. It's there somewhere but it's really hard to find. I can tell you that your breakfast options will be nearly impossible. It will depend on what restaurant options you have near you. Finding a vegan fast food meal for lunch is much easier. Allow me to be your guide and share with you 5 vegan fast food options you may not have know existed.

5 Vegan Fast Food Meals

I'm sure there are other options out there at different fast food restaurants. But these 5 choices come from personal experience. If you are interested in more we did an article a couple of months back that detailed 11 fast food recommendations for vegans. It was based more on which places are easier to order vegan options from. This article is about specific vegan fast food meals. You can read the other article here.

vegan pizza - 5 Vegan Fast Food Meals You Never Knew Existed

1. Pizza Hut Veggie Lovers Pizza

This is a simple, straight from the menu vegan meal. Just make sure they don't put cheese or butter on it and you are good to go. I should also mention Domino's Pizza also has a veggie pizza and they offer a gluten free crust as well. (I researched the Domino's gluten free crust when they first came out with it and it was vegan. I see now they have added honey to the ingredient list. Since I know a ton of vegans that eat honey I am leaving it in this article. But technically it is not vegan)

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