5 Vegan Fast Food Meals You Never Knew Existed

5 Vegan Fast Food Meals

1A. Papa John’s Veggie Pizza

papa johns veggie pizza

The original hand tossed crust at Papa John’s is vegan and so is their sauce. Just order your pizza without any cheese and you should be good to go. Their veggie options are ok but not amazing. I always put them all on mine with double mushrooms and double pineapple. As a bonus, their garlic dipping sauce is also vegan. No, it isn’t healthy for you but it is vegan. And it makes the pizza even more delicious in my opinion.

On the next page we get into some Mexican and Chinese fast food options. There are some really good ones out there since Mexican and Chinese are the easiest foods to make vegan to begin with. Find out how to eat vegan fast food at more places on the next page below.

126 thoughts on “5 Vegan Fast Food Meals You Never Knew Existed”

  1. Ericka Kofkin via Facebook

    Moe’s has a lot of options too. We have a great big vegan festival in the park every year and they always have a booth.


    *even if McDonald’s wasn’t mentioned you’re still going to a company where meant/dairy are their main products and profits. No difference. You’re still funding animal cruelty. You might as well buy meat and dairy if you’re eating out at places like these. It’s like going to a Butcher shop but buying veggie patties.
    You’re still supporting the butcher

    1. By that same standard, patronizing any store or person that sells any animal product is a no go. So you can’t visit any grocery stores, restaurants (save for strictly vegan ones) or buy direct from most farmers (who are generally not vegan). Every grocery store I’ve been to also sells meat and/or other animal products, though…huh. Maybe there are some vegan food Co-op places and you’re lucky enough to live nearby, but a whole lot of people aren’t.

  3. Laura Sefue via Facebook

    Perfect example of why people are turned away from becoming vegetarians or vegans. All the judgement and complaining like you’re not doing enough. Thanks for the post. Sad it’s hard to appreciate things sometimes.

  4. Laura Beth Simon via Facebook

    Sure are a lot of complainers here. Geez, it’s options for when you might find yourself in a bind…thank you for the info!
    There are also lots of things you can get at Taco Bell that are vegan if you leave off cheese and in some cases the sauce! 🙂

  5. I can’t say enough good things about Native Food Cafe!! It’s a no brainer for vegans…entire restaurant is vegan and you order at the counter and the waitstaff brings it out to you so I consider it pretty close to “fast food”. If you have one in your area I highly recommend it!

  6. James Robert Furiosi via Facebook

    I go to Moes on occasion and say no dairy products. And they usually let me have free guacamole as a result.

  7. Jelani DaMystic via Facebook

    Maoz Vegetarian and Chipotle are really the only chains I can give even a fraction of trust to at this point.

  8. Eryn Swissdorf via Facebook

    My favorite fast vegan foods on the road when I tour with my band are organic apples and bananas, you don’t need anything else and you will be satisfied full and still able to poop. I have so much energy from eating this way. We always bring our nutri bullet, pull into the grocery, buy fruit and whip up smoothies as well. Pure energy food.

  9. Mattnew Dana via Facebook

    I remember going to Burger King and asking for a vegan Whopper when I was a teen. Took them 45 minutes to try and figure out how to take the meat and stuff off lol

  10. Jennifer Gayle Bly via Facebook

    Subway’s veggie delight on Italian bread. The Italian white bread is vegan..others are not. I put spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, and vinegar and oil on it..very tasty

  11. Robin Clenard via Facebook

    I get a Mediterranean pita sandwich, no chicken no cheese whenever I go to Potbelly. Potbelly is a chain of “artisan” sandwiches, but I’m not sure how widespread they are– I know they are in Cincinnati and Baltimore. The sandwich comes with hummus, onions, lettuce, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, and whatever other veggies you want that they have. Mmmm mmm good!

  12. Astra Sapientia via Facebook

    thanks for this, people often mistake why i went vegan but i didn’t go vegan because of taste of meat, i guess with.some but things like lamb (which is one of the cleaner meats if not the most!) & wild Alaskan salmon is amazing but no i went vegan because all the things that are going on in these industries & lets face it, what the powers that be do to our food, especially animal buy products, now i G.M.O.s are in veggies too but thats a easy fix, & its also kinda spiritual for me as well, if your not part of the hunt & the kill don’t eat it, when you eat these animals that have been basically tortured, your taking in all that negative energy, so there’s a few reasons why i went vegan & its not really just one answers! !!

  13. Amanda Pearl via Facebook

    Except for the fact it’s made on porous surfaces full of animal product. That tortilla they used? Probably got beef and sour cream on it. That lettuce? Yeah it’s got chicken juice in it. And don’t fool yourself, they never change their gloves between your vegan food and that last guys chalupa. This is ridiculous.

  14. Please remove PF Chang’s from this list – I can tell you based on a recent experience and long talk with servers and kitchen staff that the Vegetable Fried Rice is made with chicken stock, among other inconsistencies.

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