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5 Vegan Halloween Treats – Low on Sugar, High on Fun

We all know it’s a tricky thing being vegan at Halloween.

It’s the one time of year where it’s aaaall about the candy and candy, of course, should mean fun. However, almost any candy you pick up will have the normal vegan Halloween culprits staring back at you – beeswax, gelatin, dairy to name a few.

And then there’s the stuff that’s not so obvious, like cochineal and shellac.

Cochineal is a deep red colouring made from carminic acid in female insects by boiling them or exposing them to sunlight. Shellac is derived from the female lac bug and is commonly referred to as ‘confectioner’s glaze’ on labels.

It makes you wonder what is scarier: Halloween or what goes on in the industry to produce the candy that is supposed to make this so much fun. But I digress…

Outside of animal-derived ingredients, refined sugar and artificial flavorings and dyes are never a good thing, especially when you might be getting treats ready for the little monsters who are out trick or treating.

With this in mind, we’ve listed out below our five favorite vegan treats that are low on sugar (some are vegan candy with no sugar not at all) but high on fun and the WOOoooOOO factor (scary wailing voice).

They are also fun and easy to make, especially if you are getting some little hands involved in the messy process.

#1. Carrot Rice Ball Jack O Lantern

vegan halloween carrot balls

These are super-easy, super-cute and a big favorite in my kitchen every Halloween. No colorings (all the orange is from the carrot juice), a crunchy sugar snap or snow-pea for the stalk and black olives for the face also makes this fun to make with kids.

From: Apron Strings Blog

#2. Bloody Cups

vegan bloody cups

Another much-loved annual favorite, this is a tasty and gooey take on peanut butter cups using only 3 ingredients. I add cinnamon or pumpkin spice to the raspberries and occasionally use vegan icing to draw designs on the dark chocolate – just to jazz it up.

From: Elephantastic Vegan

#3. Spooky Raw Cucumber Coffins

vegan halloween cucumber coffins

This might take a little more effort in terms of preparing, but the results are great and no cooking or baking is needed. Definitely more snacks than they are treats, they certainly do fill you up. Keep in mind, as per the recipe, that the beetroot keeps its color best with a little lemon squeezed on.

From: Delightful Vegans

#4. Silly Apple Bites

vegan halloween apple bites

You have kids over and there’s someone who has an allergen to something – nuts, soy, something. What to do? These cute simple apple bites are the answer. Apple, sunflower seeds and strawberry. Oh, and by the way, love love love their recipe for vegan googly eyes you can put on your treat.

From: Fork and Beans

#5. Halloween Spider Cupcakes

vegan halloween chocolate cupcakes

Fun and delicious and refined-sugar free, these vegan Halloween chocolate cupcakes are adorable. This is definitely for the bakers out there.

From: Eat Healthy Happy

#6 Halloween Dead Man Burgers

vegan halloween monster burger patty

I know we said 5, but I had to include this because it is the cleverest way I’ve ever found to get picky or stubborn boys to try a vegan meat substitute, or just something other than meat. Make it a burger (which boy doesn’t like burgers) and make it look like a monster (which boy doesn’t like monsters)?

From: Wing It Vegan

You can put whatever filling in the middle while make the roll look like a monster with sharp teeth and you are more likely to get them biting in. Clever, clever, clever.

Happy Vegan Halloween!

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