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5 Vegan Holiday Gift Ideas

It seems like gift giving can be difficult if you are shopping for a vegan. Especially if you aren’t a vegan. You have no idea where to start when the very word “vegan” is foreign to you. The same is also true if you are vegan and trying to shop for your non-vegan friends and family. You really want to get them something they will love but you also want to stick with your vegan values!

The good news is that this is easier to do than ever before. There is a vegan alternative for almost everything so your non-vegan friends may not even know their gift is vegan unless you tell them. And the vegan options are endless with special holiday packages, boxes and sets designed just for vegan customers. I have put together 5 of my favorites which just so happen to be actual gifts I have purchased for people this year. Check them out on the next page

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