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5 Vegan Fast Food Meals You Can Make In 5 Minutes

Is anyone else as busy as I am? I’m always looking for easy vegan fast food meals I can make quickly. I’m not talking about fast food some teenager shoves at your through a window in a brown bag. I mean delicious vegan food! I just stumbled across several great vegan recipes I thought I’d share with you.

First off, I know you can grab some carrots, an apple, a banana or other things like that and eat them with no preparation at all. All of those are whole vegan foods and they are delicious. Hey, the best food really does come from nature. And it’s prepackaged and ready to eat! That’s always the best kind of vegan fast food.

But what about when you want  an actual meal? Maybe something nice and hot. You’ll be glad to know there are a lot of fast recipess for hungry vegans in a hurry! I mean, who doesn’t have 5 minutes to throw a tasty lunch or dinner together? So keeping that in mind I decided to assemble these great 5 minute vegan fast food recipes all in one place for other vegans with no free.

5 minute sloppy joes

How about 5 minute sloppy joe’s? They are a quick and easy vegan recipe that is delicious, sloppy and vegan. And you can throw them together in about 5 minutes. Get the recipe by clicking here.

On the next page below is a recipe for a Chipotle inspired burrito you can make in less than 5 minutes!

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