5 Vegan Myths That Drive Us Crazy

This article is only for people who have been vegan for more than 10 seconds. That’s about how long it takes before you hear one of these vegan myths that make us crazy. They are in fact, quite maddening.

I have always said if you want to meet a diet expert, tell anyone that you are vegan. The moment you do they will begin to educate you on such dire medical conditions as protein deficiency. They have more vegan myths on diet than you can shake a stick at.

There has never been a medical case of protein deficiency in recorded human history as long as the person got enough calories, but that doesn’t stop the ‘experts’ from coming out of the woodwork to opine.

I have been vegan for over three years so I have heard every possible argument, assertion, and downright myth imaginable. Some of them bother me more than others and that inspired this list of the 5 vegan myths that make me crazy.

I’m talking about those vegan myths that make my head feel like it is going to spin ’round and ’round like that poor girl in the exorcist! I literally feel veins enlarging and eyes bulging, like my head may explode any minute!

Has anyone else ever felt this? Maybe it’s just me.

5 Vegan Myths That Drive Us Crazy


1. Humans Are Top Of The Food Chain Like Lions

Oh give me a break. I have never met a human yet that spent hours stalking it’s prey, chasing it down, clawing and biting it to a gory death, then feasting on it’s hot, raw animal flesh. Of all vegan myths, this one is the worst.

You are not a lion. Heck, you aren’t even a carnivore. You have teeth made for grinding plants, not ripping flesh from the bone. And you certainly don’t have claws. I mean most women I know pay entirely too much just to have fake nails strong enough to handle suburban life for two weeks.


2. Eating Soy And Drinking Almond Milk Is Killing The Planet

If one more person tells me that the production of soy is the cause of all the deforestation in the world I will scream. If you are going to perpetuate a myth, at least spend five minutes researching it before you speak.

Here are some facts about soy consumption and deforestation:

A. Livestock farming is the largest contributor to deforestation worldwide

B. Livestock consumes way more soy than humans

C. If you are a meat eater, you are consuming more soy annually than vegans by proxy

Around 70 percent of the world’s soy is fed directly to livestock and only six percent of soy is turned into human food, which is mostly consumed in Asia. The rest of soy is turned into soybean oil.

Photo: Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

What about almond milk? As it turns out, Almond Milk beats cows milk on every single measure of eco-friendliness. There is no doubt that making almond milk has an effect on the plant. But that is true of everything you use in your life from the time to wake up until you go to sleep.

The question is which product is better? Which has less of a negative impact on the planet. In that context, almond milk wins every time.


3. Vegan’s Don’t Get Enough Protein

Maddening isn’t even the word for this one. I am so tired of explaining protein to my friends but I keep doing it. Because I love them. And I want them to go vegan. Who said vegan life was easy?

Photo: Frank Medrano | Facebook

Every single edible thing on the plant has protein in it. Even bananas. Even spinach. Even wheat.

As long as you are getting enough calories every day to sustain you, then you are getting enough protein. It’s just that simple.


4. Vegan Diets Are Bad For Children

This is an assertion that even mainstream medical and nutrition organizations have discredited. Even the American Dietetics Association has said that a vegan diet is healthy for adults and children.

“Well-planned vegetarian diets are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes.”

The same issues that arise with an omnivore diet for children also come up for vegan children. In that respect parents just need to make sure their vegan kids are getting solid nutrition. But this is the case no matter what diet you eat. The Academy Of Nutrition agrees:

“The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics supports well-planned vegan diets for infants and toddlers, but urges parents to pay special attention to vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron, protein, and fiber.”

It’s ironic that the opposite of this myth is actually true. Vegan children are healthier, and is some research smarter, than those raised on animal products. Do your research and feed your children the best diet possible for their health. A vegan diet.

5. Vegan’s Think They Are Better Than Me

This simply isn’t true at all. As a vegan I do think my food choices are better than yours. I also think my actions towards animals are better than yours. But essentially I am no different than you, and I’m not better than you.

In fact, I am you. I once ate meat. I once defended eating meat. I once thought you couldn’t be healthy without meat. You see, I am exactly like you. The only difference between us is information, education, and action.

  • Once I began to study the horrible things that happen to animals on factory farms I couldn’t deny it.
  • Once I researched the vegan diet and saw it was healthier I couldn’t deny it.
  • Once I couldn’t deny it, I had to change.

I don’t think you are a bad person strictly because you aren’t vegan. I know many amazing people who aren’t vegan, many of them are my family. But they are either ignorant or in denial. I can only hope to lead by example and change hearts and minds along the way.

Go Vegan! For the animals, for the planet, for your health.

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