5 Vegan Salad Recipes That Will Keep Your Meals From Ever Being Boring

I don’t think you can ever have too many salad recipes. A salad is the most versatile dish you can make as a vegan. So many ingredients you can use. Salads are never boring!

While I was at my cousin’s place, after I helped in preparing dinner, my niece was sitting near me and asked why I am a vegan. She was confused why I refused eating meat and all its related products. She is an intelligent kid, so I patiently explained to her the principles behind veganism.

She was able to understand most of what I said and I am very proud of her. She then asked what kind of food I eat and I replied that so long it wasn’t an animal product, then I can eat. “Do you only eat salads?” She politely asked and I answered that salads are just one of the foods that I eat.

Every time my lovely niece comes to my place, I make a salad dish for her, a different one each time she visits. My cousin is also delighted that her daughter is learning to eat healthy at a very young age. Among the salads that I have prepared for her are found on the next page. These are also perfect to serve for small gatherings.

Sweet And Tart Strawberry Salad

Sweet and tart strawberry salad

This is a delightful and unusual strawberry salad. Pepper and vinegar enhance the sweetness of fresh, in-season strawberries.

Full Recipe Here

Cauliflower And Banana Salad


This unusual salad uses both sweet and tart fruit with cashew nuts to add color and interest to pretty cauliflower florets, blanched just for a moment to retain their crispness. Roasted cumin seeds and fresh thyme marry the ensemble with their full, delightfully savory flavors. Full Recipe Here
Three More amazing salads are on the next page below!

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