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5 Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes You Must Try

You may have noticed we are extremely excited about vegan holiday recipes around here. Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes are our top priority right now and we have found five more we think you will love. If you love delicious vegan holiday meals then check these ideas out.

Why do we spend so much time sharing new vegan recipes with you? We think vegan Thanksgiving meals should wow and impress. Especially if you are hosting non-vegans. We love it when they ask for seconds or thirds! It’s such a great feeling knowing you impressed everyone with the Thanksgiving meal and it was entirely vegan.

vegan thanksgiving meal ideas 5 recipes

These are five really easy and delicious vegan holiday recipes for you to consider this year. Most people really go out for Thanksgiving but these are suitable for Christmas as well. No matter when you decide to make them for your family, we thing these are five vegan holiday meals you will enjoy.

Easy Vegan Holiday Meal Recipes

vegan thanksgiving soy turkey and gravy

Soy Turkey and Gravy

Vegans will love this. Non-Vegans will swear they are eating turkey and gravy. Everyone will be happy. You can serve this over fluffy mashed potatoes, wild rice or over your favorite stuffing recipe. No matter how you chose to serve it, it will be a hit! Get the recipe by clicking here.

vegan thanksgiving rice casserole

Cheezy Rice Casserole

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a great casserole dish. It’s a tradition. I darned near a commandment! Serve up this vegan ceezy rice casserole and you will have all of your basis covered this year. Get the recipe here.

vegan thanksgiving stuffed pumpkins

Stuffed Pumpkins

What a beautiful presentation! You will win on style points and the taste test with this incredible vegan Thanksgiving recipe. If you want to wow your guest with presentation and then wow them again with flavor you should definitely consider adding this to your meal plan. Click here for the recipe.

We’ve got three more incredible vegan holiday recipes for you on the next page. Sweet Potato Bisque, Baked Penne, and Cranberry Chocolate Chip Muffins! Get them on the next page below.

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