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5 Vegan Tofu Recipes You Can Cook In Minutes

Tofu is likely the most popular vegan meat substitute known by everyone. For one, it is readily available in several grocery stores and diners. I could remember that as a college student, there was this one particular dining place that include vegan recipes in their menu. They weren’t a vegan restaurant but they would substitute tofu for several of their dishes. As a poor vegan student this made it much easier for me to dine out on occasion and I was thankful for it!

To those who aren’t familiar with tofu, it is actually made from soy beans, specifically soy milk. It is then pressed and curdled before being formed into soft white blocks.

It is my love of tofu based meals and my fond college memories of those meals in my favorite restaurant than inspired me to find this collection. Enjoy these 5 delicious tofu recipes on the next page. Number 1 and Number 4 are meals I prepare often.

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